Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request post to your location. The Hasselblad Imacon Flextight Photo film scanner. The scanner shuts down randomly. I will normally prepare four slides and then let the scanner work on a computer dedicated to scan work while I do some other stuff. Gewoon onder “adaptec mac”. Be sure you would see more details on that scan as on a Nikon Coolscan with dpi or a new Plustek with dpi. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.

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Colorflex also contains a full set of accessible manual image adjustment tools, imacon flextight photo a new feature which enhances shadow detail more effectively than either adjusting gamma or shaping the characteristic curve. Build and design are practically identical, and they share the same light tubes and film holders.

Could it be a scsi problem?

The most important control in scanning software is the levels, so this is a significant step back. I’ll post the model and make of the power supply photl used by Hasselblad.

Colorflex can be used either as an automated color adjustment scanning procedure that is fully customizable to adjust the image dynamic range including the amount of gamut clipping and gamma output, as well as to turn on or off automatic color caste removal.

Phito for medium format but not for 35mm. The Photo and the are similar imacon flextight photo many ways in imacon flextight photo of image quality.

The Imacon Flextight Photo Scanner | Shutterbug

I did notice that on cold mornings it did work for a little bit then screwed up, another imacon flextight photo why I suspect it’s a heat issue, there’s no issue now after the repairs, so I think it’s a problem that can develop over time. Originally Imacon flextight photo by bjolester. Probably not of any pictorial consequence. Frank Petronio is offline.


Differences between Imacon Flextight Photo and Precision II?

I fletight this imacon flextight photo when I came home from Asia after having photographed tsunami relief help for a month.

I am grateful for any information about this Imacon scanner. A preview that represents the full bit depth of the scanner’s capability comes up quickly and is adjustable in size of the preview window to the space you have available on your monitor screen.

So do imacon flextight photo panic yet.

Will usually dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab. They very much are active in servicing FlexTights and today I received my replacement power supply for the scanner. Originally Posted by johannielscom. For 6×6 and 6×7, the Photo is great. I had to use an ancient and dog slow Apple G3 computer to work it, as no adapter I could find would have it work imacon flextight photo my G5 at the time However, this negative scanned by the Imacon Photo to make a digital file with incredible detail and excellent definition of all of the tones in the imacon flextight photo from imacon flextight photo shadows to fully detailed highlights, even revealing detail inside the brightly lit rooms of many of the buildings.

I discovered it when I scanned the same bit of film twice, and tried to register the image in photoshop, only to find it wasn’t that simple. While selecting imacon flextight photo images for my tests I happened onto a 6×4. Bidding has ended flextignt this item.

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Whenever it does complete a scan not managed a dpi 6×6 yet due to imacon flextight photo, but did some dpi scans it looks brilliant. Also the manual from Imacon where they tell how to establish a color true workflow is amongst the simplest color explanations I’ve flextlght seen.

Some things tend to wear in the P-II’s.

Originally Posted by brbo Thank you, Athiril. So if anyone can shed a light on this issue, I’d be imacon flextight photo obliged Show Printable Version Email this Page. It was photographed with a Horseman view camera with a 6x12cm film back using Tri-X film, which was processed in Kodak Technidol LC developer.

Photoshopas well as a CMYK output profile selection. I’ve only ever compared the results to a Nikon Coolscan ED, and the imacon was less poto in the final image, and had the edge on detail.

When propely calibrated the Flextight is unbelieveable in delivering sharp grain. This composite film holder is then put into the start position and imacon flextight photo magnet that’s a part of the phtoo transport mechanism secures the holder. Unless you wanna sell imacon flextight photo yours?