Tutorial Learn how to use the onscreen keyboard with this interactive tutorial. Marq 5th September , mechexpert 28th November , mongkeboy 1st October , mr. You can also visit our support website at www. Changing the onscreen keyboard layout You can choose from three different keyboard layouts to suit your typing style. Tap the respective item to open the associated application.

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This finger gesture is always in a vertical direction, such as when flicking the contacts or message list. Tap to switch to the numeric and symbol keyboard.

On the All tab, tap [Your name] My contact card. Tap to enter a signature that is appended at the end of your emails. Searching for a contact 1. Calling htc pb99200 usb phone number in an email 1.

As the battery is being charged, the notification LED shows htc pb99200 usb solid red light when the battery is being charged. Htc pb99200 usb you turn on and start using your phone, it is recommended that you charge the battery. The gray character displayed on the key is the character that will be inserted when you press and hold that key. Smart Dial automatically searches and filters your contacts list stored on your phone and SIM card and the phone numbers from the call history.

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July 26, at You can also send your contact vCard via Bluetooth. To change the time, tap Set time.

Scroll through the available ringtones and tap the ringtone you want to use. Inserting the storage card 1. Tap the new message to open htc pb99200 usb read it. Enter a new folder name and then tap OK.

On the All messages screen, tap a message thread. Tap OK when prompted htc pb99200 usb turn off the phone. Messages Protecting a message from deletion You can lock a message so that it will not be deleted even if you delete the other messages in the conversation.

Re-calibrate the keyboard if htc pb99200 usb feel that the keyboard keys are not responding accurately to your taps. You do not need to do this step again next time you install another application from your computer to your phone.

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Enter the new message, and then tap OK. Phone settings Edit the call reject message, choose whether to open the message editor when you reject a call with a message, and choose whether to htcc automatic saving of an unknown contact number when a call with that number ends.

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Your phone walks you through a tutorial on how to use the hrc keyboard. Tap to select a widget. For more htc pb99200 usb about using the Mail application, see htc pb99200 usb Email chapter.

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Then press the optical trackball to view details htc pb99200 usb the selected event. All tab Gives you access to all contacts on your phone, including Google contacts, Exchange ActiveSync contacts, Phone contacts, contacts stored on your SIM card, and Facebook contacts. Tap All calendars to display all calendars.

On the All messages screen, tap a multimedia message or message thread to open it.

Download HTC USB Drivers – v

Scroll down the htc pb99200 usb, and then tap Search. The calendars are kept synchronized on your phone, whether or not you hide them. Setting Web and Ysb Search Box options 1.

Change the Home screen wallpaper.