Navigation directions Map with current position, planned route and waypoints. Correct battery issue of lithium battery. You can chose to show no, 1, 2, 3 or 4 data fields. Changes made from version 3. A barometrical altimeter is therefore more accurate, especially when summarizing elevation changes. Or have a bouy connected to it. I had to sepsarate my track points by severl hundred feed to a thousand feet to feet the track on the etrex.

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This is by default C: The glide ratio required to descend from your current position and elevation to the destination’s elevation. Future firmware will most likely allow larger memory cards. Fix ‘Highway Page’ etrex vista hcx gcx with menu key operation. The color etrex vista hcx is awesome and onceā€¦ October 13, TravMan 27 reviewer rep Rating: And bring along a tides map. Supply all essential information.

The software also is bare minimum when it comes to features. We took a bus in aeroporto.

Garmin eTrex Vista HCX Handheld

Length is limited to 10 data points. But can be used on water, lets say for kayaking or canoeing. And the voltage is fairly steady until it finally dies.

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This makes the etrex hcx series etrex vista hcx best series to be able to read the screen while cycling or mtbiking.

I’ll tell you the good, the bad and what is acceptable. For those of us who like to hike, climb or bike. Not as rugged as my Magellan Explorist or etrex vista hcx Garmin Geko For vjsta, I used it for preparation in Italia. Using lithium cells etrex vista hcx should get over 40 hours, however at a hefty pricepoint for the lithium cells.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN eTrex Vista HCx (english)

Rubber armor delaminates which is etrex vista hcx real pain. A program window will appear asking you where to ‘Un-zip’ the files. Versatile, excellent for hiking, geocaching, wilderness navigation. It also does not show tides.

Garmin/eTrex Vista HCx

Fix compass hint message issue gista compass turn off. Improve distance calculation in odometer. Added hint message when the E-compass of the unit etrex vista hcx never been calibrated successfully by user. This is while showing maps and riding a mtb. This is wonderfully unit.

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Garmin eTrex Vista HCX Handheld | eBay

I can confirm that one can etrex vista hcx an excess of trackpoints to the microSD card Stok This etrex vista hcx was last edited on 11 Aprilat But one thought that such miracle eterx disappear, force me to buy another copy. It can create routes on street maps Navigator. I own 2 other GPS units. Time To First Fix, time until the first information about the current position is acquired.

Anyway, I’ve been quite satisfied with the older model over the last 8 years. Waterproof – Etrex vista hcx worked under water and in the rain. Fix the contour data intermittently drawing over interstates of Topo Map.