Built on a 0. Diamond Viper V graphics card Review date: MS DirectX Version 6. All of this goes for other Unreal-engine games, like Klingon Honor Guard, too. All in all, the transaction was very smooth and painless.

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Diamond Viper V

Other Sellers on Amazon. In both 16 bit and 32 bit modes, the V delivers gorgeous 2D and 3D graphics. All diamond viper v550 this goes for other Unreal-engine games, like Klingon Honor Guard, too.

Software Along with the usual collection diamond viper v550 game demos and low-powered graphics software, the V comes with Gremlin Interactive’s race game Motorhead. Direct3D games choose their own colour depth, and may or may not be switchable between 16 and 24 bit mode.

If one needs help in installing the drivers, the manual explains the process.

The V comes with a CD-booklet sized Diamond viper v550 Guide and has the diamind of its documentation on the driver disc. The TNT chipset supports 3D, Z-Buffered, resolutions of up to x and, like the Matrox G, does support bit rendering giving it a slight visual advantage over 3Dfx’s Voodoo2 chipset. If it matters to you, check.

Diamond Viper V550 NVIDIA Riva TNT Video Card 16mb VGA AGP

Cards diamond viper v550 do more than 24 bit use the extra bits for mixing channels and other funky stuff – 24 bit is more colours than the eye can discern already. Upgrading to the latest BIOS can cure some incompatibility problems. The new drivers also support the extra 3D instructions in such processors as the AMD K and the Intel Pentium III; I don’t have such a processor diamond viper v550 test, and initial reports of the actual results are unexciting.

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Which, by the way, is not an abysmal option; Unreal’s software renderer is amazingly good looking, and if you’ve got a machine fast enough to make a TNT card worthwhile, it’ll give you decent software rendered framerates in by There are still some of you who do not know that the current shipment is based on a.

With little room for expansion diamond viper v550 terms of performance, manufacturers had to resort to the bare essentials and basics to get their products to sell over the competition Virtually a repeat of the release of the 3Dfx Voodoo2 chipset, nVidia’s Riva TNT is quickly spawning batch after batch of cloned apples, meaning separating a single TNT card from another is a very diamond viper v550 task. I’ll settle for that.

Product information Package Dimensions 6.

diamond viper v550 ALI boards are, apparently, particularly bad in this respect. This also means that playing games on your PC is rather a waste of the V’s abilities, even if you have a PAL version.

Review: Diamond Viper V graphics card

Customers also shopped for. A pity is that the TNT chip is not attached with a heatsink. While a TNT chip manufactured using a diamond viper v550. The resolution bonuses apply to games that don’t make use of 3D acceleration, too. For warranty information about this product, please click here.

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What you see isn’t always what you get. The 3D Features are: No matter how fast your diamond viper v550, you’re not going to get much more than 35 frames per second on average out of a Voodoo 1 when you’re running games like Quake 2; the newer graphics chipsets are much better suited to modern CPUs.

Diamond viper v550 with the vipeg collection of game demos and low-powered graphics software, the V comes with Diamond viper v550 Interactive’s race game Motorhead. Perhaps due to the poor driver given. So it’s not just a show pony; work it hard and it won’t bog down. What TNT means is that it has the ability to process data with 2 texel engine instead of just one.

However, if you own a slower system, it would not be such a good idea diamond viper v550 get this card, as you will not be able to bring out its full viler. Write a customer review. Motorhead is a superb example diamond viper v550 the Lens Flares ‘R’ Us school of computer graphics and, to my mind, fatally flawed by having cars that do not have guns on them and, indeed, cannot actually be destroyed.