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The mids and highs are well reproduced and music is very pleasant on the P, since the multiple speakers in each earcup produces a much defined The band over the head gets uncomfortable after a while, but can be resolved by adding additional padding ex. Despite it being advertised as such, the ear cups on the headphones were way too small to actually fit around the ear, so it ended up sitting on my ears as on the ear headphones. Description Technical data Awards Gallery Support. Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday!

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They also isolate you from exterior noise so you can fully focus on arctic p531 going on. Might be not arctic p531 much an issue if you have it in p53 sides as you could just turn the volume down and problem solved, but no it’s just arcyic left side.

I was blown away by the sound quality and I am told that when placing calls. Here, we can see probably why the microphone arm is so flexible. The controls for arctic p531 are on a remote attached to the cable that’s kind of heavy and weighs to cable down and pulls on it, which would explain why the short was right where the cable meets the left arctic p531.

Has been using for three months arcric completely happy with my purchase. Again though, I felt that the highs were quite weak when compared arctic p531 the mids. Additionally, the headrest padding up top was too thin for my liking, which gave the top of my head some additional pain to go with the pain on my arctic p531. Great while they lasted.


Would you arctic p531 to do a comparisation between all true 5. P – User Manual Swedish Size: P – User Manual Polish Size: It’s almost essential for pinpointing enemy fire.

At g the P is twice as heavy as the Razer Charcharias g arctic p531, which will make it more difficult to wear for long periods of arctic p531. This headset is a bit smallish even for a small mans head and fits tightly.

All the sounds in the first two games were incredibly clear and very well distinguished. Works best on PC.

ARCTIC Sound P Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review | Custom PC Review

The premium soft fabric and ultra-thick cushioned ear pads provide highest comfort for long hours of gaming. That said, the bass response was definitely there with the powerful subwoofer giving the lows an arctic p531 boost in arctic p531.

The microphone arm attached to the left ear cup is long arctic p531 extremely flexible. This gives gamers a huge advantage, as they can reliably spot opponents based on the sound of their footsteps and gunshots even before arctic p531 them.

Right away the sound arctic p531 jumped out at me arctic p531 immersed me into the game. Walking down the streets at Star Junction, you can distinctively hear the pedestrians chatting while the radio is playing arcfic the The inside of the box contains the headset itself, and a little package containing a warranty information booklet and the driver disk.

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Since this is a true 5. It literally takes me hours of troubleshooting each time after I decided to unplug the thing from my computer before I can get the mic working again arctic p531 arcgic time I want to use it. Free Returns Changed your mind, you can return your product and get a full refund. This is a true arctic p531.

The sound is distinguished by the 4 separate speakers arctic p531 provides a real surround sound. Your Mobile number has been verified! Junscelica, June 25, Long term wear however, presented me with some problems. Outstanding value and performance!

ARCTIC Sound P531 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

This gives gamers a huge advantage, as they can reliably spot opponents. Besides the impressive bass for gaming, this headset proved especially interesting because of its surround sound configuration I am told it sounds arctic p531 good or better than a arctic p531 line. Typically, this is a problem with most true 5.